Yellow split pea soup


This is my favourite soup I keep coming back to it time and time again cheap and easy to make it freezes well also so I always make a big pot and it gets better if you can leave some for the fallowing day before eating.

You can make it with ham Hough or with cooking bacon about £1.00 for a kilo pack from lidl I cut one in half before freezing so you have one for another time it is easier to cut up while still frozen if making with a ham Hough  you will need to boil the ham till tender remove then shred before adding the rest of the ingredients

This make over 2 litres

500g of cooking bacon chopped into a dice

400ml yellow split peas

3 medium large carrots diced

1/2 a small swede diced

black pepper

2L of water


In a large dry pan fry bacon for 5 min add carrots swede in a measuring jug add split peas up to the 400ml mark and add to pot then add the 2L of water bring to a boil cover with a lid and gently simmer for a hour stir every 15min or so.

Salt may not be needed as the bacon is salty it always needs a little pepper.


Try this one it easy cheap to make and tastes great.

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