Slow cooked beef joint


I used brisket for this recipe but I have used any roasting joint before Morrison’s is advertising beef roasting joints at the moment for £3.97 a kilo (December 2016) I think this deal lasts till 24th of the month this is a very good price its cheaper than stewing steak so very versatile I will be buying a few for the freezer.

I used a slow cooker but a large pan will work also if you are buying a slow cooker I would recommend one with a non stick aluminium insert so you can start the cooking process direct on the hob.

serves 6-8

Beef brisket

1 KG of beef brisket or roasting joint

4 carrots cut into large chunks

3 parsnips cut into large chunks

1 head of broccoli cut into florets

1 onion sliced

Frozen Yorkshire puddings

2 heaped Tbsp of gravy granules


A pinch of salt and pepper


In a frying pan brown the outside of the joint on all sides then add to the slow cooker with all veg except broccoli salt and pepper add water about 25mm or up to your knuckle of your finger from the bottom of the pot.


This is the meat water and veg in slow cooker.

 Add lid cook on high for 3hrs 30 if using a pan add lid and cook on a gentle simmer 2hr 30min to 3h check for tenderness with a skewer.

Cook Yorkshire puddings according to instructions on packet.

Turn off heat and let cool in juices then take out meat stain out veg retain in a bowl microwave before serving to re heat

Add gravy granules to a pan add cooking liquid bring up to boil stirring continually add water if too thick or simmer gently to thicken

Put broccoli florets in a bowl cover with cling film pierce and microwave on high for 3min 30 or till tender.

Carve joint and serve






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