Beef & veg pie


I made this pie from my left over roast from the weekend any cooked meat would do the veg in the pie was what I had in my fridge at the time and the puff pastry I bought about 2-3 months ago they sell it in the chilled section I always buy it when its reduced and freeze it for meals like this.


Left over joint

If you didn’t want to use your left over joint right away you could freeze it down or make your pie and freeze it down prior to baking.


Beef and veg pie

Left over cooked meat diced

1 celery stalk diced

1 parsnip diced

2 carrots diced

1 onion diced

3 mushrooms sliced

1 handful of frozen peas

2 veg stock cubes

1 oxo cube

2 Tbsp of Worchester sauce

Salt pepper

2 Tbsp of Garlic oil (see chow mien recipe) or veg oil and crushed garlic

1 Pack of puff pastry


Cut meat into cubes slice mushrooms and add to pie dish along with peas.


In a large sauce pan add oil and garlic if used carrot  celery parsnip onion and fry gently on a low heat for 5 min.


Boil a kettle add stock cubes and oxo cube to a mug and add boiling water  dissolve cubes and add to pan.

Add Worchester sauce pepper salt cover with lid and simmer gently for 20-30mins then pour into pie dish.


Add a raw carrot in the middle of the pie dish to stop pastry collapsing when cold roll out puff pastry wet pie dish rim and add pastry wash with milk and pierce a hole in the pastry to let steam out cook at 200c for 20-30min or until golden brown.

I served this with butter beans and cabbage both of these can be cooked in the microwave 1min for the beans and 4=5 mins for the cabbage add to a bowl with 2Tbsp of water and covered with Clingfilm.


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